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Thursday, June 22, 2006

Personal Learning Landscape?

When I was in second grade my teacher held my piucture in front of the class and said, "this is how not to do it". I think that was the last thing I ever drew. So completing the assignment to draw my "personal learning landscape," even if I'd made the time for it, not very likely.

Here are some components of that landscape:
Books, internet, my little cube at the office, nestled in with my colleagues who exchanging tips and troubleshooting issues in between the the jokes and gossip over the cube walls. The world through Anahi's eyes. Dinner time talks with my husband and mother. Lying awake at night downloading my day. Grabbing a coffe with a mentor. IMing with clients and friends. Working with Mark, the Information Architect I rope into all my projects because I couldn't survive without him. Attending workshops, with or without the un. Making things up on the job as I go and discovering what works where.


Blogger Harold Jarche said...

Isn't it amazing how positive or negative feedback at crucial points in our lives make such a difference? I was asked to leave the choir in Grade 6. The teacher told me in front of the class, "Harold, you can't sing". Therefore, I don't sing.

11:05 AM

Anonymous Jennifer Nicol said...

Oh that's so sad. Maybe we should start an online community for people who were once told they couldn't sing. Or draw. Or dance.

Last year at a party, someone told me -- she was almost in tears -- how much she wanted to learn to sing, even though her usually kind husband , and even her own MOTHER told her she could not and should not.

It has become fashionable to decry all the "self-esteem" building we do for kids these days. But I notice all the time what a difference small sincere words of praise make when I am learning something new. They can erase any building sense of doubt and snuff out that little voice inside that whispers "I don't think you can".

7:35 PM


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