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Monday, June 12, 2006

Awkward Beginnings

Met with the my "unworkshop" group to talk about blogs. Spent most of the time troubleshooting technology: how to use Skype to conference in a regular phone; how to edit your profile; how to manage privacy on a blog (or at least how to create a false sense of security through attempting to manage privacy - whatever info you're trying to protect is likely already out on the ether somewhere).

Also, not surprisingly, mainstream corporate America is not an early adapter of Web 2.0. More than one of us in the group are having issues with IT departments blocking Skype, or not giving us admin access to our computers. We're supposed to be downloading the beta for Skype 2.5 before next online class, but unfortuately, not so easy to do when you can't insall anything on your workstation...


Blogger Buthaina Al Othman said...

Hi Beth..I came across your blog through our aggregator! let's see how it works.

Cheers :)

5:37 PM


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